What is the Future of BACnet ?

The S4 Group puts a lot of effort into staying in sync with where the industry is going. Providing the enabling technology for our partners who are retrofitting and updating legacy BAS systems means that we need to stay current to stay relevant. In fact, I’d like to think that our products have helped make the use of gateway technologies mainstream in the BAS industry and are helping to transition the installed base of legacy buildings to BACnet based smart buildings and BIoT. As a part of this effort, we try to share industry information that we think is important and of general interest. Here’s a message we recently received from Ryan Hughson at Optigo Networks. Please take the time to read it and help to guide the future of BACnet.

A few months ago, we shared a whitepaper with you exploring the challenges and benefits of BACnet as it is today. Now, we’re looking to the future of the protocol in our second whitepaper, “What is the Future of BACnet?”

"I think the biggest threat to BACnet is not LON, is not ProFiNet, is not MODBUS. It’s the protocol we don’t know yet." – Pook-Ping Yao

As with our first whitepaper, we’ve interviewed leaders in the industry, including Andy McMillan of BACnet International, Ken Sinclair of Automated Buildings, the Father of BACnet Mike Newman, and many more. Get their thoughts on:

• Tagging

• Cybersecurity

• BACnet’s market share

• Data privacy and ownership

• IoT disruption

• And BACnet’s place with ASHRAE

Download the whitepaper today, and be sure to share it with anyone you think would be interested.

Let me know what you think!
Ryan Hughson

Optigo Networks Inc,
1200 - 555 W Hastings St.,
British Columbia