Why does S4 Invest in The Case Study Process ?

Why does the S4 Group invest in the case study process? Are they worth the investment of time and staff expense?

In an effort to expand the number of case studies we receive from our partners, let’s look at why we value them. Case studies are more effective than the standard sales brochure or collateral material. Everyone loves a good story, and we especially love one that highlights the success of a company that has selected an integration strategy that includes the S4 Open Products. A detailed account of the project’s goals and how those goals were achieved provides a level of truth that is backed up by the project data. Using the customer’s experience also adds to the product’s reputation. We can all learn from experience when you explain any problems encountered and how they were solved on site.
The data along with the verified outcomes make it an invaluable sales tool.

Case studies paint the picture of what really happens and not just what is supposed to happen. They add a level of detail that is relevant and interesting to a potential customer and can be a source of pride to the experienced installer.
Case studies offer targeted information and speaks to the niche the product fills. In the case of the S4 products, the customer gets information about how/where the product has been successfully installed, and also sees the satisfaction that is expressed by other customers. Factual claims of the engineer who had the task of installing the system provide truth to the claims of the salesperson. Hearing it from one of their own is so much more valuable.

We highlight the skills and expertise of our S4 Partners in implementing an integration solution that includes the S4 Open Products. As our partners continue to market their solution and become known as the “go to guys” for integrations, they are establishing themselves as the experts and we want them to take the opportunity to “toot their own horn” in the case study. Successful integrations lead the way for more integrations.
Posting case studies on blogs, linked in, industry websites and other forms of social media helps raise awareness to the integration solution that is offered by S4.

The S4 Group has utilized case studies since its very first project and views them as a way for all of our partners to advertise the success of the integration and the skills required for that success. We make the case studies available to all of the partners involved in the project and post them to our website.

The S4 Group has been able to collect a variety of case studies and we post them with pride on our website. Need some ideas? Read www.thes4group.com and click on case studies.