Why send employees to the S4 Boot Camp ?

We know our S4 training is an effective way of getting ready to market, install and service the S4 Open Products. We promote boot camp as way to:

• Learn how to lower the risk of an integration project,
• Go to the customer job site with the confidence of having worked with the product before,
• Increase competency with the product eliminating on the job training,

• Learn planning, installation best practices, how to configure the system,
• Understand techniques for post installation monitoring, tuning, and supporting the system,
• Emphasize the importance of Investigating before you Integrate,
• Educate your team on the value proposition of cost effectively adding value to the building on day one and laying the groundwork for a long term relationship and the transition to current technology.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what our students say about their experience in the class and how it helps them during the field integration.

John Hughes, HSC, stated “This experience far exceeded my expectations.” You have the opportunity to learn all you can to be knowledgeable for your customers during boot camp. I had all my questions answered and even more I had as I was going through the training. A good investment.”

Kevin from U&S services puts it another way, “The timing of the attendance at boot camp was tied to a new project, where the team will be installing the S4 devices in a customer site. First projects can be daunting, but after the training he added “When the box is given to me I know how to install it. This training simplifies the process.”

Join the growing list of S4 partners who are utilizing our technology to capture legacy buildings and add them to their portfolio of long term customers.

The next boot camp will be held April 6-7 at our offices in Ogden, Utah. Contact Nancy nsjones@thes4group.com for information.