Wonderware West Connect 2019 User Conference and Expo Coming to Salt Lake City

Wonderware West is holding an event in Salt Lake City on May 7. We will be attending this event for the first time and are looking forward to seeing what’s new with their products.

Wonderware has a long and successful history. The product has had a number of parent companies and each one along the way has added value to the product. Today, Wonderware is a part of the AVEVA organization. Primarily a SCADA system for industrial automation and process control tasks, there is crossover into the building automation industry, especially in pharmaceutical and chip manufacturing -critical environments where environmental conditions can have a large impact on yields, quality, and acceptance of batch processes.

In the past S4 performed interoperability testing between Wonderware and our S4 Open: OPC-N2 Router. We have also confirmed that the Obermeier Software SNMP OPC Server works well with Wonderware clients. Recently, we have seen requests come in for our BACnet-N2 router to integrate Metasys systems with the Wonderware product. AVEVA and Wonderware, as well as the Wonderware integrator community are important S4 partners and we are excited to attend the Wonderware West show.

For more information on Wonderware West and for information on other upcoming events throughout the Southwest and Rocky Mountain U.S. please visit their website wonderwarewest.com