Kelly Miller Middle School Integration Project


Technical Solution: Delta Controls, S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router

Technical Solution:
* Delta Controls
* S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router

The Kelly-Miller Middle School is part of the Washington, DC City school district. It is located at 301 49th St. NE Washington, DC 20019. The project requirements were to cost effectively bring this building into the City-wide central BAS platform for participation in the Buildsmart DC program.

The legacy installation consisted of a Johnson Controls NCM supervisory controller with M5 Operator Workstation Software, 16 AHU’s implemented on DX9100 N2 devices, 30 Fan coils hosted on UNT, and a Central Plant implemented on a DX9100. There were a total of 47 N2 devices in the configuration. All field devices were found to be operational and the N2 field bus was found to be electrically in spec during the initial investigation of the building.

Intellimation chose to integrate the JCI field devices into the City-wide BAS platform, avoiding the cost of replacing them with current generation technology. Since the legacy Metasys® NCM supervisory controller and M5 operator workstation were being replaced and there was no requirement to keep them operational for a transition period, the project was approached by removing them both at the start of the project. An S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router was introduced to publish the N2 field devices to BACnet/IP. The N2 Router was unique in its ability to handle all N2 hardware models found on the project and accommodate the custom programming found in the DX9100 programmable controllers. The final component added was 1 Delta controls BACnet router/controller for global logic and BACnet LAN to WAN routing.

Project results were energy utilization improvements and improved operational efficiencies brought about by the single seat City-wide user interface. Streamlined building operations, improved diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, and consistent employee training were all realized as benefits of the project. When the time comes to replace the N2 field devices, the S4 solution facilitates an orderly transition to BACnet devices selected by the school district with minimal disruption to building operations.

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