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St Francis Medical Center used S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router Integration to Delta Controls


Technical Solution: S4 Open: BACnet-N2 router, Delta ORCAview OWS

About the Customer

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, licensed for 616 beds and with a medical staff of more than 800 physicians, is the fourth largest medical center in the state of Illinois. As major teaching affiliate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, Saint Francis Medical Center is able to provide tertiary services that are not available anywhere else in the region. OSF Saint Francis offers the most comprehensive and skilled team in downstate Illinois for brain and spine diseases, disorders, and injuries. More than 30 neuroscience physicians excel in over 40 neurological specialties, such as diagnosis and treatment of stroke, aneurysm and AVM disease, epilepsy, spine disorders, neuromuscular and Parkinson’s disease.

OSF Saint Francis Heart Hospital provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art services—from diagnostic testing to cardiovascular interventions and surgery.

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The facility owner approached ENTEC Services and asked them to integrate an existing York chiller with the Delta Controls BAS. The York chiller was communicating York Talk through a JCI Metasys® Integrator (MIG) to the N2 bus. ENTEC Services initially contacted JCI to purchase a gateway that would bring York Talk to BACnet, but after several months, they were told that the device would not work due to the chiller’s age. Luckily, when forced to find a different integration solution for an aging piece of equipment, ENTEC Services found the S4 Open products. After contacting the S4 Group, ENTEC Services was confident that the S4 Open product could provide the gateway that would satisfy the owner’s requests.

Location of Integration at St Francis Medical Center

Customer Comments

The owner’s requirements were to communicate to the York chiller and view its data on the Delta ORCAview OWS, which they use to run their chiller plant. The project required pulling the capacity of the equipment and other information to be used for chiller optimization.

ENTEC chose the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router as the best solution for this project. The installation was quite simple. The BACnet-N2 Router was installed utilizing the Upstream N2 Interface transparently providing co-existence with the legacy Metasys® head end system. Utilizing this unique S4 Open appliance capability eliminated the need to remove or disconnect any of the Metasys® head end hardware.

on site at St Francis

Steve provided onsite consulting, where he assisted in establishing the BACnet communication to the York Chillers, and also provided training that will prepare ENTEC’s team for future Metasys® Integration projects.

As usual, the ComBus Quick Tester proved to be very helpful in troubleshooting the N2 bus. ENTEC used the Quick Tester to check for any issues before moving forward with the installation of the S4 Open gateway. The owner was so impressed with the Quick Tester that they asked to purchase one as well.

End Result

The integration was a success, and it is still working problem-free today. The system is used day in and day out and is critical to the operation of a large hospital complex chiller optimization for over 3500 tons of cooling.

The customer’s experience helped to solidify their confidence in ENTEC as a solutions oriented partner. They were able to get the data they once saw on a JCI system and implement strategies for their chillers using a Delta Controls system.

Mark Janco, Team Leader for ENTEC Services, stated, “The goal of this integration was to pull data from an aging system for use in chiller optimization. We were able to provide a solution when the manufacturer could not.”

The outcome was measured as a success—ENTEC was able to provide a solution when the OEM equipment manufacturer could not. ENTEC was able to implement chiller optimization the owner did not have before, capturing savings in energy use and utility bills.

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