Can I use BACnet Priority Arrays with the BACnet-N2 Router

Yes. Emulation of N2 devices as a virtual BACnet device includes full support for the BACnet priority array. BACnet expects devices to honor the Priority Array functionality so the BACnet-N2 Router acts as a proxy for the N2 devices and emulates a Priority Array for each point were the BACnet standard defines Priority Array support.

  • BACnet clients can utilize the BACnet priority array as they would with any BACnet device.

  • The "Supervisory Controller As A BACnet Client" option enables the Metasys supervisory controller to participate in the priority array functionality

  • Priority array emulation can be disabled for any point that needs to give direct control of the present value to the BACnet client

  • The N2 bus and N2 devices were not developed with the BACnet concept of a Priority Array. Therefore, each N2 command is executed as soon as it is presented to the N2 bus and is recognized by the target device. The S4 Open Appliances give the integrator complete control over the basic operations that can be performed against a N2 point: N2 Read, N2 Write, N2 Override, and N2 Release.