Do S4 Open Appliance support Centaurus Inegrator Panels?

Centaurus Integrators, CIG, was used by JCI to integrate devices that had more complex interfaces than could be handled by the MIG into Metasys. From a technical standpoint these devices look like a Vendor, VND, device on the N2 bus.  These configurations were all developed and provided by JCI, or Bob Caldwall and his team at Centaurus Systems before they were purchased by JCI.

The N2 protocol specification only reserved a single device code for VND devices. Therefore, the Configuration Wizard cannot determine the manufacturer, application, or any configuration details about the attached device. All that we can tell by looking at the device from the N2 bus is that it is a VND device. We get no indication of what type of equipment is attached to the CIG. It is a simple task to assign an appropriate Device Type Template to a CIG after the completion of the Configure Wizard.

As we encounter these at customer sites the resulting Device Type Template is added to our library.