Do S4 Open Appliances support Programming Configuring and Commissioning N2 Devices?

When we designed the S4 Open Appliances we determined that we would stop short of providing these services. Johnson Controls has very effective tools for performing these functions that are aware of all of the variations in firmware, application revisions, etc. We didn't feel that we could add any value in this area.

Use HVAC Pro for N2 Open devices like the UNT, VAV, and AHU

Use HVAC Pro for the VMA

Use GX-9100 for the DX-9100

One of the things that we did include in the design is the ability to easily determine the application loaded into N2 devices, the firmware version running in the device, the original configuration file name, etc. This information is provided on the properties page for each device in the Building Control Network, BCN, folder. The information provided by each device type varies. Details for many N2 devices are provided now. Others will be added in the future as time and resources allow.