How Can I Turn Off BACnet Segmentation in the S4 Open Appliances (KBA-01007-V2W2N7)?

In the rare case that a BACnet client has problems communicating successfully with the S4 Open: BACnet N2 Router we provide the capability to turn off segmentation support as a diagnostic tool and as an attempt to give the integrator a less efficient, but still effective, way to continue operations at a site.

1. Launch the S4 Open: Management Console.
2. Expand the Network Connections group under the BACnet-N2 Router to configure.
3. Right-click on 'Ethernet' and select 'Properties.'
4. Click on 'Advanced Communication Settings'
5. Uncheck the 'Segmentation Enabled' box and click OK.
6. Click OK on the 'Ethernet Properties' dialog.

Additional Comments
• After the segmentation setting is changed, it may be necessary to restart any running BACnet clients before the setting takes effect and communication returns to normal.
• For more information visit http://www.thes4group.com