How do I choose the right S4 Open Appliance for my project (KBA-01019-J2D7F5)?

  1. Determine the interface that you need to publish to. OPC and BACnet IP are available.
  2. Determine the interface that you need to integrate to. Metasys N2 is the only current Downstream Interface option.
  3. Determine how many N2 devices are on the N2 bus. Each assigned N2 address must be counted, included those assigned to XT devices on the DX-9100 expansion bus. JCI’s engineering guidelines state that for a N30 supervisory controller you should have at most 50 N2 devices on the bus and for a NCM at most 100. They go on to say that DX9100 devices and VMA devices should each count as 2 when calculating the number of devices that the N2 bus will support.
  4. Determine if you need to use the Upstream N2 interface. This enables the ability to co-exist with the legacy supervisory controller. The Upstream N2 interface is compatible with any generation Metasys supervisory controller as long as it supports the N2 protocol.
  5. Determine if you need multiple Downstream N2 interfaces. This would be used in cases where you are splitting N2 buses or merging N2 buses from multiple legacy N2 systems.
  6. Determine how many years of Software Assurance you need to purchase.

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