How Do I Restore a Saved S4 Open Appliance Configuration (KBA-01006-P2S0W0)

This procedure details how to restore a saved automation.net.xml configuration file to an S4 Open Appliance

Use the smallest USB thumb drive that you have available. Delete all files on the thumb drive. The drive must initialize fast enough to be recognized during the startup sequence of the S4 Open Appliance.

Step 1: create a folder in the root of your USB Thumb Drive named \DNA
Step 2: Place your configuration file backup into this folder. If necessary, rename it to automation.net.xml.
Step 3: Create a “trigger” file on the root of the USB drive named updatedna. The file name should not have an extension on it. i.e. 'updatedna.txt' will not work. The content of the file is not important. All we look for is the existence of a file with this name.
Step 4: Insert the USB thumb drive into the S4 Open Appliance and reboot the system. You can do this by power cycling the system or through a Reboot request in the S4 Open Management Console. When it comes back up you will have the configuration restored.
Step 5: Confirm that the trigger file is renamed DNAupdated. This indicates that the action has been completed and prevents accidental multiple updates.

Additional Comments
updateDNA - saves the automation.net.xml file from the current configuration to the USB Thumb Drive. Then replaces the file on the appliance with the one located in the \usb hard disk\dna folder.

Contact The S4 Group if this procedure does not produce the desired results. We can walk you through the process of manually updating the system configuration file. You will need a keyboard, monitor, and mouse for this process. If you have a PS2 keyboard and mouse you will need the 'Y' cable that came in the box with the S4 Open Appliance.