How do I work with Generic IO / Point Multiplexor Metasys applications?

As our integration partners have been digging into some of the older Metasys® installations they are finding Generic IO / Point Multiplexor applications much more frequently than I thought they would.

You can still do a very successful integration with these devices but it may take a bit more planning than if they were loaded with more traditional Metasys® applications.

  • You can process the .PRN Metasys configuration (resource) file for these devices through the S4 Configuration File Conversion Utility to create a custom device template

  • You may need to investigate custom logic in the Metasys supervisory controller. For the NCM this would be GPL or JC Basic logic.

  • You may be able to determine how the points are used by investigating the assignment and presentation of points in the Metasys Operator Workstation

  • You can investigate Single Side Loop logic, Interlocks, etc. programmed into the N2 device itself utilizing HVAC Pro