How do I request and install the license for Obermeier Software Products?

  1. Issue a P.O. to The S4 Group, Inc. or make other payment arrangements. Note that all prices quoted on this site are in U.S. dollars and that payment must be in U.S. dollars. You will recieve the software via email shortly thereafter.
  2. Install the software on the machine that you will be using in production. The License Key is partially based on the Windows serial number for the specific installation so you must do this step. The software will run with full functionality in a 2-hour demo mode until we issue a License Key to put it into production mode.
  3. Open the SNMP-OPC Server or OPC-SNMP Enterprise Agent software and right click on the topmost item in the navigation pane.
  4. Select Properties option and go to the Licensing tab.
  5. In the top of the Licensing dialog box you will see a "Site Code". Copy this and eMail it to: info@obermeier-software.de with License Key Request in the subject line. Include your company name, the customer or project name, and the P.O. number you issued to The S4 Group. Copy sejones@thes4group.com on the message so that we can track the progress of the request.

Please note that Obermeier Software's process is to cross reference your request to a confirmation from The S4 Group that you have purchased the software and licensed a specific number of points or SNMP devices. So, it is important that you provide accurate information in this step to avoid delays.

While we are going through the process of getting you the activation key for the software you can turn on a 28 day temporary license.

  • Click on "Install" and in the dialog box type "TEMPORARY". This will activate a 28-day one-time temporary license that you can use while waiting for the License Key from Obermeier Software.

  • The emphasis here is on " ONE TIME". When you use the TEMPORARY license it expires after 28 days and is not renewable. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are processing a permanent license request.

You will receive the License Key via return eMail. Follow this same procedure to install your license.

  • Normally, this request can be turned around within one working day. We usually try to do advance coordination with Obermeier Software to compensate for time zone shifts, German holiday schedules, etc. They usually are very accommodating and will make sure that they process the request to meet your project schedule requirements.

If you need to add points or devices in the future you follow this same process. Obermeier Software will keep a record of the number of points or SNMP devices you are licensed for by Site Code. When you purchase additional points they simply generate a new License Key reflecting the new total number of licensed points. Your field support team can install the license, the customer can follow your instructions to do it, or you can remotely access the system via the Microsoft Management Console if you have remote network access and do it from your office.