Where can the HVAC Pro or GX-9100 utilities be purchased?

One of the most important aspects of a successful Metasys integration is in taking the time to understand the existing N2 devices and their configurations.

  • HVAC Pro is the Metasys configuration and commissioning utility used for N2 Open devices like Unitary Controllers (UNT), AHU, and VAV controllers. It is also used for the VAV Modular Assembly (VMA) devices.

  • GX9100 is utilized to program and commission the DX-9100 device.

These utilities are available as part of the M-Tools package through authorized Metasys distributors. There are frequent discussions about acquiring, installing, and working with these utilities on the HVAC Talk forum, http://www.hvac-talk.com.

You can also purchase the M-Tools package through The S4 Group.