All user interaction with the system is done through the S4 Open: Management Console. The console enables you to manage all S4 Open Appliances in your enterprise. Launch the console from the Windows Start menu. The console may be installed on as many machines as you need at no additional charge.

S4 Open Appliances are implemented using advanced object oriented technology. This gives our developers the power to perform the tasks necessary to deliver the services you need. More importantly, all of the proprietary details of physical devices are managed behind the scenes, presenting a consistent and predictable view of your building automation environment to you.
• Objects will dynamically be added or removed from the left hand navigation pane (as folders or detail objects) as needed to represent your building automation environment. You can expand or minimize the amount of detail that is presented in the navigation pane.
• Details about each object in the navigation pane are presented in the right hand pane.
• Properties pages are available as right click options from many objects. Wizards and drill down links provide more details about the objects and allow you to adjust user settable parameters.
• Real Time performance statistics are available from the properties page of many objects.
• Color coded icons are included in many places to give you quick look status information about the objects that they represent.
• Most operations are intuitive but help is available any time you need it. You can use the main Help menu item, right click on any object and select Help in the drop down menu, or press F1 on your keyboard at any time.
• Configuration changes can be made on an operational system and will automatically be reflected in the data provided on all interfaces.

The S4 Open Management Console is provided on the support CD that is delivered with each S4 Open Appliance.

The S4 Open: Management Console is compatible with all Microsoft supported versions of Microsoft Windows .

Updates are covered under your Software Assurance subscription.

First, confirm that your Software Assurance subscription is up to date. One year of Software Assurance is provided with each S4 Open Appliance or Obermeier Software product purchase.

Then, contact your BAS Integrator or distributor who you purchased the product from to coordinate receiving and installing the update.

This product was never put into production but could be made available as a special request.

N2 Switch Functionality:
- Merges multiple legacy N2 buses into a single Upstream N2 bus
- Performs automatic N2 address translation
- Works purely in the N2 domain. Does not publish to any other interfaces (OPC, BACnet, etc.)

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BIM Support

Revit Family 2362G Platform

The Advantech UNO 2362G hardware platform hosts release 1.40 of the S4 Open Appliances. This is a Revit Family for the two interface version of this hardware platform. A larger variation of the 2362G support four interfaces and requires a double depth case.


S4 Open Product Roadmap

PowerPoint presentation describing proposed or planned products

Building Automation Systems and Their Role in Energy Management

Steve Jones was a guest presenter for a Weber State University HVAC Technology class. The original of this presentation was used as a catalyst to focus and inspire the discussions during that session. This version incorporates those student comments plus reviews by other industry experts.

S4 Appliances and Niagara Value Proposition (PowerPoint)

Value Proposition for using the S4 Open Appliances with Niagara (Tridium) implementations

Technical Presentation (PowerPoint)

S4 Open Appliances Technical Presentation

Value Proposition (PowerPoint)

Value Proposition presentation for the S4 Open Appliances


Appliance Update Instructions (PDF)

Instructions for updating the firmware and management console for S4 Open Appliances

Installation and Operation (PDF)

User Guide for the S4 Open Appliances

BACnet-N2 Router Brochure (PDF)

Brochure for the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router

Getting Started (PDF)

Guide for Installing the S4 Open Appliances

Maintenance Operations (PDF)

Maintenance Operations performed via USB thumb drive

Configuration File Conversion Utility (PDF)

S4 utility that converts Metasys configuration (Resource) files to templates for the S4 Open Appliances

Metasys Eng (PDF)

Description of various Metasys generations and associated technology

Router Top 10 (PDF)

Top 10 Reasons to use the S4 Open Appliances

User Manual (PDF)

S4 Open Appliances User Manual

Software Assurance Brochure (PDF)

Software subscription program for the S4 Open Appliances

Try, Then Buy Program (PDF)

Evaluation program for first time users of the S4 Open Appliances